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Saturday, January 07, 2017

Reason #45,892 why nobody trust the government


FBI:  Like, totally not Islamic terrorism you guys!

When the government has been so politicized that they can't even call a jihadi what they are, then pretty much everything else coming out of their pie-holes is going to be ignored as well.  Which is how you get to half of the government violently hyperventilating about how Russia hacked all the emails, and the majority of the country just shrugging and saying "Meh.  That's only what you say."

We have a government who acknowledges that Hillary Clinton violated multiple laws with her home-brew server, but won't prosecute her.  We have a government who refuses to say the words "Islamic Terrorism".  We have a government who had to be forced to admit that Benghazi was a terrorist attack and not a response to a video.  We have a government who did NOTHING while China hacked the OPM servers and stole the personal information of over 20 million people.

So pardon me whilst I ignore their weeping and wailing about how Putin personally walked in and hacked the election.  A)  That's bullshit.  B)  the actions of the people now wailing about Putin have to be suspect, just based on their previous actions or lack thereof.  There is no reason what so ever to trust the US Government right now, or to accept what they say at face value.  If the CIA came out and issued a statement that the sky was blue, I would personally go outside to check before I accepted what they said as the truth.

So as the government now comes out and says "Not terrorism you guys!  It's all good, you guys!  Hey you guys, it was just like a once-in-a-lifetime thing!"

In my head, I know that they're full of shit, can't be trusted, and the reality on the ground is most likely the exact opposite of what they're claiming.

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Drumwaster said...

Four things about the "Russia hacked the elections" claim:

1. The election was never hacked. There is less than zero evidence that any piece of equipment used in any election was attacked from the Internet or other computer connections. No vote totals were changed through outside action.

2. Not even the DNC was hacked. The term is "phished". The DNC and John Podesta were WARNED by the FBI not to reply to unknown e-mails, nor to give out their passwords to people, no matter who. The FBI was ignored, and the idiots running those e-mail servers folded under social engineering like a wet newspaper.

3. There is absolutely no evidence that Russia was involved. As Trump has (correctly) pointed out, unless you catch them in the act, you can't know who it was. Russia is just a easy target.

4. Not one of the 17 named intelligence agencies within the US Federal Government has been allowed to inspect the server that is being alleged to have been hacked. The only evidence they have is the unsupported assertion of a private company owned by a Hillary supporter.

So OF COURSE, Obama wants us to go to war in the days remaining, for no other reason than because stuff that the DNC would rather have been kept secret was made known to the public. And the exposure of those facts might have cost Hillary the election.

Tens of millions of OPM records hacked? Ho-hum. Invade the Crimea? Yawn. Take over Syria? Booo-ring. Let the world know that Hillary screwed over Bernie Sanders by rigging the primary? "GODDAMMIT, DEFCON 1, and I want those bombers in the air over Russia RIGHT FUCKING NOW!"