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Friday, October 01, 2004

Denigrating Our Soldiers

Quick lesson, Flipper. Americans don't appreciate it when you spit on the sacrafices and belittle the accomplishments of the men and women of our armed forces!

"Unfortunately, he escaped in the mountains of Tora Bora. We had him surrounded. But we didn't use American forces, the best trained in the world, to go kill him. The president relied on Afghan warlords and he outsourced that job too. That's wrong."

Sent in to Hugh Hewitt:
Kerry’s comment stating that President Bush “outsourced” the fighting in Tora Bora was a direct slap in the face of all Special Operations soldiers. The whole Afghan campaign is a classic “Unconventional Warfare” scenario. A UW mission is one where teams of Green Berets enter a denied area (Afghanistan) and train a rebel force to overthrow a rogue government. Our Special Forces soldiers in Afghanistan accomplished in weeks, what Alexander the Great and the Soviet Union could not accomplish in years. John Kerry is an idiot.
Former SOTA Team Leader
10th Special Forces Group (Airborne

Hasn't the left been sreaming that we should have used this very tactic to take out Saddam Hussein?

When one is gracious enough to do something to help their fellow man, one would think they deserved a great degree of respect and understanding. Because the great minds of America's military didn't do it perfectly, John "I don't fall down. That son of a bitch pushed me down." Kerry says they were "wrong". Ya know what? Kerry is wrong! Flush him!

Update: MORE!

As to the Tora Bora issue, Kerry said that we "outsourced" the job and therefore missed an opportunity to kill UBL. Tell that to the SF A-Teams that had infiltrated Afghanistan, trained and led the Northern Alliance into battle within a month of 9/11. The Unconventional Warfare operation conducted by the Army in Afghanistan will serve as a textbook example of how to conduct UW ops into perpetuity. Tell that to the CCT guys that were dumping air on Tora Bora, stacking up CAS 10 layers deep. Tell that to the SEALs who spent 9 days searching the caves for signs of UBL and finding only fingernails and tooth chips left from the bombing. Wrong answer, bitch! The invasion of Afghanistan by SOF affiliated with local fighters will go down in history as a marvel of military strategy and execution. What was Kerry thinking, that Bush was orbiting Tora Bora in an AC-130 making radio calls and personally directing troops in the field? Those comments were a slap in the face to the SOF community and to General Tommy Franks. He should definitely be called on this because this is more conclusive proof of his utter disdain for our military.

Update again: Powell - We didn't botch Tora Bora

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