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Tuesday, November 11, 2003


Not, I'm not talking about our new troll "Ralphy", I'm talking about Not In Our Name, a part of the fifth column in America. Just take a stroll through their website and you'll see the picture perfect example of "delusion".

Not in our name will you invade countries bomb civilians, kill more children letting history take its course over the graves of the nameless

Now, when Saddam was doing this, it was fine and dandy with these goons. Because you see, they really don't give a shit about what happens as long as America doesn't do anything that might free an oppressed people or dispose of a terrorist supporting dictator.

Not in our name will you erode the very freedoms you have claimed to fight for...

Like freedom of speech? Oh, wait, we've already tried that in the form of a bake sale, haven't we? We all know the end result of that.

Not by our hands will we supply weapons and funding for the annihilation of families on foreign soil Not by our mouths will we let fear silence us

But allowing the UN to embezzle money is just fine, and allowing the UN to run countries for their own greedy profit is fine as well. Because it's not America, you see.

Not by our hearts will we allow whole peoples or countries to be deemed evil

Because if you would just listen the NION asswipes and leave the genocidal dictators alone, those people will be dead, and we won't have to worry about it any more!

Anyways, what's the point of all this? Well, these chowderhead have decided to hang signs from the I-5 overpass while the 81st Armored Battalion is heading out to Iraq. I found out about this from a local radio station. So it looks like I have plans on Saturday, standing opposite these morons and showing the troops that I do support them. Any local readers who want to go get in touch with me. I'll be going to the range afterwards, so we can heckle the idiots and then blast at targets later.

Oh and the best part is this: When you go to their events page, the Seattle protest is right over their "Seattle Peace Choir" notice. Which is going to Cuba. Yep, nothing says peace like going to Cuba and singing for a Communist dictator who shoots or jails political dissidents! I can't believe that they actually don't see the hypocrisy inherent in that stance! While they wail about "crushing of dissent" and about how so many of our liberties have been lost (which they can't name one of, by the way), they celebrate peace by going to a dictator controlled hellhole known for torture and death of anyone who speaks against "el Presidente".

Wastes of oxygen, all of them.

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