Thursday, March 30, 2023

There's a time to nice, but it's not when the perverts are trying to take your kids

 So it's time to stop being nice, Christians.

Today you live in Negative World, and Negative World just became deadly. No longer do you live in a place where there is a distinction between being a Christian and “fighting the culture war.” Those three nine-year-olds that the monster shot were not consciously combatants in the culture war. They were not little James Dobsons. They were just Christian kids being raised in the nurture and admonition of the Lord by Christian parents. But we have reached a point where simply being a Christian means participation in the culture war is unavoidable. You may not want your children involved in the culture war, but if they bear the name of Christ, they are part of it whether you like it or not. Your enemy has made them a target, if not with bullets, with a poisonous mind virus that they constantly want them exposed to.

It is well past time for Christians, particularly Christian leaders, to recognize this. You have enemies. You have enemies that want you and your children dead. You have enemies you need to fight. Your desire to “win them over” through niceness is a weapon they wield against you. They manipulate your desire to avoid conflict. They know that you are terrified of offending anyone since that will negatively affect church attendance. And so they have rolled over you, they have destroyed your culture, and have now made you a pariah in your own country. You are not going to winsome your way out of this. You can choose to remain silent out of cowardice, or you can begin to fight an evil ideology that could not be in more stark rebellion against the Creator of Heaven and Earth.

Go read the whole thing.  I'm traveling today.  I'll get to that more later.

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