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Wednesday, July 28, 2021

I think this is what I would say if I didn't cuss so much

 You Cannot Kill Tradition.

At the Catholic Gentleman, I have striven to avoid polemics or commentary on the latest headlines since the beginning, seeking instead to inspire in followers a love of the good, the true, and the beautiful. But this attack on the traditional Mass, which has sustained my faith through all the storms of life since my conversion ten years ago, is grievous, and I believe it requires at least some response.

In short, I believe this attack on the living tradition of the faith is grievous, disastrous, and wrong. Here are three simple reasons.

Do go forth and read it all, especially if you're a Catholic.  I've been asked a few times what I thought about Jorge Bergoglio's attack on the Latin Mass, and I've told a number of people that Jorge Bergoglio is a Satanic pedophile heretic, and that Pope Benedict XVI is the true pope of the church.  I've gotten a number of amused responses from that.

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