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Friday, July 30, 2021

And tying into the post of Fauci the felonious fuckhead

 Imagine if they hadn't lied to us for the past 18 months.

Let’s try a thought experiment. Let’s imagine our ruling class was not as utterly corrupt, dishonest, incompetent and downright stupid as it manifestly is. I know that’s hard, but go with me.

This weird new virus appears and starts spreading. Instead of leveraging it to take down Trump, the Democrats appear with the Republican president and GOP leadership to announce they are working together to solve the problem. Imagine that instead of shaming people, first about wearing masks, then about not wearing masks, then about not wearing two masks, then no masks, then masks again, they went with transparency. 

“We are not sure how much, if at all, masks work. We’re running test trials to see and we’ll tell you what we find as soon as we have the data. In the meantime, let’s all wear them just in case.” And then, when they ran the studies, they would tell us the answer. 

What we've gotten from the so-called "experts" has been lies, bullshit, obfuscation, and rage when questioned.  What we've gotten from the people in power is the silencing of any dissent, on multiple platforms, because people dared to question the narrative being pushed by lying liars in the government.  Oh, and when the truth is finally allowed to come out (like the Kung Flu being made in a lab), the people who censored and abused folks just months ago for telling the truth now go on like nothing happened.

But trust is earned, and these people act like it is their right to have our trust, that we owe them to take it on faith that whatever these people say is the Gospel. Except they are wrong all the time, and instead of owning up to it, they treat you like some sort of idiot for noticing. When you don’t trust people who are perpetually wrong, that’s not denying science. That is science – you are making observations, and drawing reasonable conclusions. In this case, the observation is that our establishment sucks, and that it can’t be trusted.

There is not a single part of the government that can be trusted to do the right thing.  And crap like the Democrat's Star Chamber bullshit isn't going to help.

The Democrat Party normalized and celebrated political violence for months before the Capitol riots. Let’s have some hearings on THAT. Let’s talk about how incredibly dangerous it is for one Party to think it has a monopoly on grievance-mongering, street theater, and violence.

Let’s also have some hearings about how one Party thinks it has a monopoly on questioning the outcome of elections. We could roll video of top Dems, including sitting officials, doing that for HOURS. You want theater? I’ll make the popcorn and bring the tapes.

I’m not really interested in hearing any Democrat, or their GOP footstools, give tearful speeches about sacred democracy while their party systematically destroys every bit of protection for our elections and wantonly undermines every outcome they don’t like. We have every reason to fear the full power of bloated, hyper-politicized government being turned against Americans who dissent from the ruling Party.

The Democrats think that their Star Chamber trial will make people bend to their will.  But that's because they only know their own followers, who are, well, Democrats, and so they don't understand America, or Americans.  They might see some semblance of people going along, but that's just surface noise.  They won't notice what's going on under the surface until the switch gets flipped, and it's too late.

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