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Wednesday, April 07, 2021

Went to the ear doc yesterday

 They confirmed that the ringing in my ears is not in fact the bells of angels constantly pealing for me. 

 Also, I've lost quite a bit of hearing in the 4000 hertz range.  That's the hearing range for explosions and other sudden loud noises.  Huh.  Wonder what could have caused that?

The young Air Force guy running the lab handed me my paperwork with an appropriately sad face.  "Well Sir, it looks like your hearing is a bit damaged."  I don't know if it was trained to be sad about that, or if he's found a way to respond to people in a sorrowful manner.  Hell, maybe they teach that crap at audiology school, I don't know.  All I could do is point at the "US Army" on my uniform and say "Well, yeah.  Army".  That actually cracked him up.  He's used to dealing with Zoomies.  Maybe they're more sensitive?  That would explain the long face as he delivered the news.  Gotta be delicate with delicate folks.  Army guys just shrug and go "Yeah, figures".  Either that or we cup our hand to our ears and go "Whaaaa?"

In other news, that demented fucking clown Fauci is still wrong.

Last month, when Texas Governor Greg Abbott axed the state’s mask mandate and other COVID-related restrictions on businesses and people, Dr. Anthony Fauci called it “risky” and “potentially dangerous.”

“When you pull back on all mitigation methods on all public health guidelines, that’s when you get into trouble and history has proven that,” Fauci told Chris Wallace of Fox News. “This isn’t just some kind of a theoretical, a point that I’m trying to make. It’s not theoretical. It actually happens.”

But, there’s been no surge. In fact, cases have continued to decline.

This half-pint dictator has been wrong on everything.  He's been on every side of every issue, and he's managed to be wrong every single time.  Only in the government can you be that incompetent and still have a job.  I would say that I could do a better job than him, but that's a really low bar to clear, given that a retarded monkey on cocaine throwing darts at a wall with choices on post-it notes could pick out a better solution that Dr. Demento there.


p2 said...

It gets worse... 40 years of running jet engines, gunfire, and the everlasting side effects of chemo have pretty much left me deaf. The VA ear doc said I’ve lost enough to warrant hearing aids, but not enough that the VA will cover them. Gotta love that universal free gummint run health care. I stand by my statement that anyone who pushes for state run health care has never had to use it..

Ragin' Dave said...

I'll be there at some point. Although I've seen the VA aides that my dad has, and I might just shell out the money to buy my own.

p2 said...

Thought about doing that, but it’d cut into my cigar & scotch budget. Anyway, the only person I need to hear is my dog and he doesn’t say a whole lot..

Ragin' Dave said...

Or at least you can't hear him talk all that much.