Day by Day

Thursday, April 08, 2021

Taking the hound to the vet

 No, not a euphemism.  He's got something wrong with his right rear leg.  Maybe foot.  Don't know.  But he's gimping around, and has been for the past couple of days, so it's time to take him to the doggie doc and see what's what.

Hell, at this point he's an old man.  Lots of grey hair everywhere.  Could just be wear and tear, because he was my running buddy in Lost Angeles, and we did 20-25 miles a week.  Kept me from getting jumped by druggies and dealers more than once.

So, maybe more from me tonight.

UPDATE:  It's some sort of soft tissue damage.  No bone damage, nothing wrong with the joints, so it's anti-inflammatories and no strenuous exercise for a couple of weeks.  Really, it's the best case situation given that he's an old hound.


Adrienne said...

Good luck. Our little Frankie doggie (also old) is suffering from a bum left back leg and some neck issues. We finally chucked the collar and got him an awesome halter -

It's hard when they get old.

Ragin' Dave said...

The vet did an x-ray, and there's no breaks or serious joint issues, so it's a soft tissue injury. From what, who knows. Got him some anti-inflammatories and orders from the doggie doc to not play for a week. Hopefully this will clear up.