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Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Stole the graphic from Kim du Toit

 With regards to the shooter in Boulder, Colorado.

As every liberal out there was blaming white men, and saying that white men were the worst, and white men are a virus, and white men all need to die, and then the name Ahmad al-Aliwi al-Issa made its way into the public view.....

And then it was oh take the guns, guns are to blame, guns bad, get rid of guns.  Total 180 degree pivot, without a single "oopsie, guess we were wrong" apology to the people they'd been slandering.

And heaven forbid we talk about a "refugee" from Syria who supported ISIS and hated Donald Trump.  Yet another America-hating person that we allowed to stroll on in and take up residency.  No wonder the anti-American Democrat party wants to talk about guns, rather than the fact that they are allowing hundreds of thousands more Amad al-Issas into this country every single year.

I'd say to buy more ammo, but you can't find any to buy right now.  It's gone.  Shelves are bare.  I saw a case of steel-cased Russian 9mm going for close to $800 online.  People can see what's coming down the pike, and they're stocking up.  

So now Biden is coming for our guns, just like he promised to do on the campaign trail.  The entire anti-American Democrat party is masturbating furiously at the thought of finally confiscating the guns from those stupid knuckle-dragging, sister-humping, pickup-driving, bible-thumping redneck Jesus freaks from fly-over land.  The Democrats are virtually dancing in the blood of the shooting victims as they see one of their major political goals become possible.

Spicy times coming.


Angus McThag said...

Considering that the suspect was all of 2-years old when he emigrated to the US from Syria I doubt he came here hating America.

But he sure learned anyways, didn't he?

Ragin' Dave said...

Ayup. Either at home, or at his mosque.