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Tuesday, February 09, 2021

The Democrat Party allowed thousands upon thousands of people to die, all in order to gain political power

 Never forget that fact.

We paid another horrific price for listening to the medical establishment, the colluding media, Democratic governors and others on the left. We have killed much of our economy; robbed tens of millions of Americans of their livelihoods; quite possibly put the dollar on the road to near-worthlessness; perhaps ensured future inflation that will further destroy the well-being of the American people; and sent innumerable Americans spiraling into depression, drug and alcohol use, spousal and child abuse, and suicide.

In a sane world, Anthony Fauci would be out of a job at the very least, and sitting in a jail cell for the rest of his life if I had my way.


p2 said...

Butbutbut.....they're the experts! The science is settled an' shit. Dear, sweet, little Greta can't be wrong...she can sail a boat by herself, after all, so you know she's a whiz when it comes to weather. An' Faucci's a real doctor, with a big honkin' piece o' paper on his wall written in Latin. LATIN!!!! He's gotta know what's best for all of us. How come he's not runnin' a fancy schmancy hospital somewhere? AOC? She knows how the economy a degree an' everythin'. Wonder why no big ass financial firm hired her an' she had to sling drinks like us common folk....... People just don't vote for someone cause they look like someone you could have a beer with or cause they have nicer hair than the other guy. Actual deep thought about policies and stances on issues goes into their choices. That's how Joe, the saviour of the universe, got elected. Fraud.....piffle!, sez I. I mean if they didn't want me to vote for him 8 times why did they send me all those ballots? Jus' doin' my bit for the good of all y'all. Now if you'll 'scuse me, I gotta find an extra couple masks to wear to wal-mart. Doc Faucci (he's super smart, ya know) sez 1 is good an' 2 is better, so I'm gonna wear 6 to be extra safe.

brinster said...

The dwarf Fauci said some time ago that evidence of the efficacy of hydroxychloroquine was "anecdotal. If 5, 10, 20 studies showed that it was effective in treating the Chinese virus, doesn't that indicate its effectiveness?