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Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Mark Cuban is an ChiCom-owned asshole, and I never watched the NBA to begin with.

 Apparently the Chi-Coms don't want the American National Anthem played at NBA games any more.

The Mavericks have played 13 pre-season and regular season games at home in Dallas without playing the anthem. There was no discussion or internal organization announcement, and Cuban confirmed he made the decision. He has declined further comment.

Cuban has criticized Americans who want to see the National Anthem respected, and not used for political protests at sports games. Cuban tweeted a shot last year at the “The National Anthem Police,” saying that if critics of the anthem protests had a problem with it they could “complain to your boss and ask why they don’t play the National Anthem every day before you start work.”

Fuck the NBA in general and fuck the Dallas Mavericks specifically, and Mark Cuban can die screaming and spend eternity getting gang-raped by Chinese midgets in Mao jackets.

There are no words to properly express my disgust at what a pathetic group of anti-American bastards the NBA has become.


Drumwaster said...

"Um, yeah, Mark, I don't intend to sell tickets to have regular folks watch me play a kid's game, and I also know that insulting our customers is usually not a good way to keep them coming back and spending hundreds of dollars that they could easily spend elsewhere."

p2 said...

Maybe the douchecanoe ought to ask a few vets how many times a day the National Anthem is played on military installations and precisely which courtesies and respects are paid whenever it is. Better yet, let's just drop his elitist ass onto Parris Island, Ft Benning, RTC Great Lakes, or Lackland AFB right about 5 in the afternoon. Perhaps the sight of a few hundred teenagers rendering proper respect will make an impression.

Ragin' Dave said...

P2 - I doubt it would make it past the botox and facelift into his thick skull.

Deserttrek said...

The only pro sports that are still American are rodeo and bowling, the rest are pro blm , anti American garbage