Day by Day

Sunday, February 07, 2021

I need to remember that I pay good money for the good stuff so that I don't have to buy it again later

 For example, shoes.  I pay good money for shoes.  First, I have jacked up feet and knees courtesy of my first hitch in the Army, and crappy shoes damn near cripple me after a day of walking or working in them.  Second, when I buy a good pair of shoes, I expect them to last me for years.  I'll get them re-soled and wear them until the leather disintegrates.  

Clothing - I have motorcycle gear that I purchased back in 2001 that's still functional and in good condition.  My leather jacket has a few spots on the elbows that are showing some wear, but I keep the leather clean, I oil it, I treat it well, and it keeps working for me.  I paid good money for the stuff back in 2001, but when you spend money for the good gear it lasts you for two decades or longer.

And yesterday, in accordance with the wishes of my dear wife, we now have cross-country skis.  We got an excellent deal on them.  We got good deals on everything we bought, to be honest.  And we got the good skis, and the good boots.  These should last us for decades.

I'm done spending money for a month.


p2 said...

I make a living with hand tools. I can buy good tools once or cheap tools a lot of times. Hated spending the cash at the time, but I have tools in my box that have seen damn near daily use for more than 25 years. The stuff I've replaced through the years has all been chinesium crap. I'll grab a pawn shop or auto parts shop tool if I need to bend or grind on it. No sense grinding down a $75 tool truck wrench.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on cross country skiing. I learned to do that in Frankfurt Germany back in 1979 and loved it. Safer than down hill and always useful in getting around in the winter. Enjoy.
H. Huffman.