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Saturday, October 31, 2020

Work day

 Had quite a few things to do today.  Rip out the garden, now that the frosts have killed it.  Wrap up the swamp cooler and get it winterized.  Put new exhaust baffles on the Ragin' Mrs bike.  Smoke a couple of hams we've had curing in the fridge for two weeks.  Do a little shopping that had to be done (and found a killer deal on beef roast that we can use for chili tomorrow!)

Yeah, the exhaust.  My wife is the only biker I know of who thinks that their bike needs to be more quiet.  We bought her bike used, and the previous owner had taken the baffles out and cut off about a quarter of their length.  The Mrs wanted it back to stock, so she found a stock set on Ebay for one-fifth the price of new, and now they are on her bike and she's happy.  

And then it was time to hand out candy.  Halloween, y'all.  I didn't know how many kids would actually show up, so the Mrs and I made up our minds that the kids who did show up would benefit handsomely for doing so.  We filled a ten-gallon tub with candy, and told the kids who showed up to take as much as they wanted.  We didn't have nearly as many kids as last year, obviously, but we gave away about five gallons worth of candy.  The rest will be going to work with me to torture my co-workers as they try to diet their pandemic pounds off.

Tomorrow it's laundry and cleaning and a nice long afternoon ride.

And then it's back to election hell until Trump gets re-elected on Tuesday.

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