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Friday, October 30, 2020

Masks do nothing to stop the Kung Flu

 Seriously.  Nothing.  Stop wearing them.  BREATHE FREE!  Here's just one graph to illustrate the point.

The masks are a farce.  A con.  A bullshit political act forced on us by idiots who can't admit the plain truth because it would cost them political power.  They don't do anything but make politicians feel more powerful when they order you to wear them.  That's the real "science".


Adrienne said...

I'm sure you know that Cd'A city council instituted a mask mandate. We drove our ballots over to the election office on 3rd yesterday and witnessed people (ie husband and wives, mothers with teeny children) parading around outside all masked up. WTHell??

Jacobson is having a meeting scheduled for November 9th re: a Post Falls mandate. Hayden and Rathdrum could follow along with this madness.

I have not, nor will I ever, wear a mask of oppression.

On the bright side, the line to vote at 2 in the afternoon was looooonng and has been for days. MAGA!!

Drumwaster said...

The CDC has warned (admitted) that the masks cannot be used to protect against the smoke particles from the California fires. Smoke particles are roughly 2 orders of magnitude (~100x) larger than the viruses they are alleging to be "protecting" us against. That's like saying that while a white picket fence can't be used to keep out the neighborhood kids, it will be perfectly fine at keeping out mosquitoes and house flies.

"Oh, but it's designed to keep people from sneezing out the virus!" Oh, then, since I'm not sick and sneezing, I can do without the face diaper? "No, you have to protect your fellow citizens!" I don't care enough about them to worry during a regular flu season, nor they me, so I can do without the face diaper? "You just want people to die!" How could that possibly be true if I am not the one making them sick?

We're back to that white picket fence and worrying whether it can keep mosquitoes IN, rather than out.

Anonymous said...

#MaskOfOppression is a Twitter hashtag made up by yours truly. You're Welcome!

I wear a bandana tied into a 19th century train robber kerchief. I tie it to fit then pull it down around my neck. The ONLY time I pull it up is to keep a small business from getting closed down by a Karen, like a small shop or restaurant. Other than that is stays down around my neck. I have walked through big box stores with impunity, by looking like an angry old bastard no one is going to screw with.

If a kerchief that is open on the sides and bottom is supposedly OK, then the whole mask mandate is utter BULLSHIT!

Deserttrek said...

More Ca insanity.
The gym has moved outside, the county says wear masks.
The gym says wear masks so we can stay open in the parking lot.
WTF times a million. Our supervisors office says the governor, I said why are we paying county people if the governor runs everything

Ragin' Dave said...

Every time I get the chance, I loudly announce that I'm taking off my Magical Face Diaper of Submission.

I got a lady at Home Depot to crack up at that.

Anonymous said...

Per Ragin' Dave: "I loudly announce that I'm taking off my Magical Face Diaper of Submission."

While wearing my robber bandana, I have told many a cashier to "empty the register." 7 months ago I would be arrested for robbery. Now everyone just laughs. Strange times we are living in.