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Tuesday, April 21, 2020

I can't buy groceries without a mask

And this cock-sucking fucksponge who's part of the establishment making it impossible for me to live a normal life just can't help showing off that rules are only for the little people.

George the half-pint commie was diagnosed with the Kung Flu.  And he's out and about without a fucking mask?  I have to wash my hands so fucking often that I'm scrubbing my fingerprints off because someone a half-mile away coughed, but that fucking used douche-nozzle gets to walk around without wearing a fucking mask EVEN THOUGH HE'S INFECTIOUS?

Get fucking bent, you fucking little shitlump.  If I have to suffer because someone somewhere might have the kung flu, then you, who test positive for the Peking Pox, had better fucking button your pathetic little Marxist ass in your fucking house and damn well fucking stay there!

You want to know why people are protesting this fucking lockdown?  Because the big-government, nanny-statist commies are once again not following the rules they're imposing on everybody else, and WE ALL FUCKING KNOW IT!  The Szechuan Sneeze isn't as dangerous as they all claim it to be, and they know it, so they have no problem walking around without a mask in public even though they themselves are "contagious" based on their own fucking guides.

Holy Hell, this entire fucking episode has me ready to start burning down capitols.  Lock-down THAT, you fucking anti-American goblins!

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