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Wednesday, April 22, 2020

I bet it was earlier than this

Santa Clara county found Kung Flu deaths in early February.

I still say this bug was here in December.  I bet it killed some folks in January, but it was listed as something other than Kung Flu. 

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Deserttrek said...

In my area of socal a few folks at the gym and others had a dry cough that lasted a few weeks, went away then came back for a few days and then gone. This in the time frame of November into early February. These were people 35 to 70.
Been here and is here and is not the plague. Unfortunately governor adolph newsom has put tom styer at the top to run the opening, we are fucked even worse
My area has reopened gold courses, wear a mask and other rules. On a FUCKING golf course! It will be 100F on Saturday ,93 at the moment, the wind is blowing. HOLY WTF is wrong here!
MAGA 2020