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Monday, August 26, 2019

Guilty Pleasures

OK, so Tulsi Gabbard is getting the Bernie 2016 treatment for daring to strike the Queen of Kneepads down.  I'm enjoying the shitshow, because:

1)  It pisses off the Democrats who liked Gabbard, and who are now suspicious of the DNC.  At last.

2)  Gabbard might actually have had a chance against Trump.  Senator Kneepads?  Not even close.  She can't even beat out the old white people of the DNC.  Comrade Bernie and Lie-a-watha are now ahead of Creep Joe, while Senator Kneepads can't break into double digits anymore.  Gabbard was young, fresh, and had the military credentials to go up against Trump.  And the DNC goons knee-capped her campaign and sent her packing.

3)  Gabbard was a far-left loon, but compared to who's left on the debate stage she sounded like the soul of moderation.  With Gabbard essentially forced out, the jackasses still running will be barking at the moon and rubbing themselves down with mud soon enough, and there won't be one single person on the stage to step up and say "Look, I'm not crazy like these guys, so vote for me."

4)  Because this is who the Democrats are and what they do.  They are a top-down driven Marxist bloc, and anyone who steps out of line gets beaten until they are back in line, or destroyed.  Gabbard pointed out that Senator Kneepads had some issues.  That cannot be allowed by the Commissars of the DNC.  This is Red-on-Red action here, and I'm enjoying it greatly.  It's like watching a couple of goat-buggering Islamic nutjobs blow themselves up.

Anyways, that's some random crap from my head.


Deserttrek said...

As a big what if?
Bloomberg steps in the race because he sees the true dem vacuum and picks Gabbard as the vp. The dem establishment would be on board.
Bloomberg is a looney tune also, but I do wonder if that might be a tough race.

Too much time on my hands being retired
MAGA 2020

Ragin' Dave said...

Could happen. He might win the Democrat's vote. But what would he attack Trump on, besides the standard boilerplate BS that has half the country tuning out the nightly news?

Deserttrek said...

Image works on the feeble minded. 2008 is a good example
Trump would beat him anyway. Not a good image for the left