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Sunday, June 02, 2019

Makes sense to me

The most sexually satisfied group of people are conservative religious heterosexual people.

When asked about the sexual satisfaction each of these individuals experience in their relationships, it was found that highly religious couples report the highest levels. The women in these highly religious relationships have a particularly high score. 
By comparison, couples with mixed religious viewpoints or completely secular ideology report lower satisfaction levels.

1)  Conservative religious heterosexual couples probably worry less about if their partner is cheating on them, given that we look at marriage as a Sacrament and not just a legal document.

2)  We never have to try to figure out if our spouse is a man today, or if xir is a woman for the morning but not the night, etc etc etc.  Also, since we are not generally married to such people, our spouse is generally not bat-shit crazy.

3)  I don't read romance novels, but I'm pretty sure that there's not a lot of steamy books written about limp-wristed soy-boys who always cave in to their girl's demands.  But men who believe in a hierarchy, and that they're the head of the family?  Strong, masculine men?  Yep.

Yes, two of those three are somewhat tongue in cheek, but I'll point out that all good humor has a bit of the truth in it.  I'm also willing to bet that conservative, religious heterosexual couples have higher satisfaction because they haven't been polluted with modernist, Marxist feminist bullshit that causes so many of the problems in a relationship, and a good relationship leads to good sex.  That might sound backwards, but it's the truth.  The more effort you put into making your relationship with your spouse solid and successful, the better your sex life will turn out to be, because the both of you are actively working to please your partner, and not being greedy shits.

The more self-absorbed a person is, the less they care about pleasing their partner, and there's nothing more self-absorbed and narcissistic than a Marxist.  The more politically Left you are, the more you're likely to be a self-absorbed, entitled asshole, and that leads to bad sex.

So, in order to have mind-blowing orgasms, you need to get you some old-time religion.  Booyah, baby!

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