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Wednesday, June 05, 2019

When a tool has fulfilled it's purpose and is no longer needed, you discard the tool

That's a good warning to all the little proto-marxists pushing for Marxism in the government.  When their useful life has expired, they'll be discarded.  Just ask what Uncle Joe did to the Useful Idiots on the USSR.

But I digress.

The tools in question, who are also undoubtably Marxist, are the American Universities that churn out garbage degree after garbage degree without actually forcing their students to learn anything other than hysterical SJW propaganda and bullshit.

Last month at a conference in London, the distinguished British philosopher Sir Roger Scruton added his voice to this chorus when responding to a questioner who complained of the physical ­violence meted out to conservative students at Birkbeck University. 
There were two possible responses to this situation, Sir Roger said. One was to start competing institutions, outside the academic establishment, that welcomed conservative voices. 
The other possibility was “get rid of universities altogether.” 
That response was met with enthusiastic applause.
Were I a business owner that dealt with matters not related to the hard sciences, I would consider a liberal arts degree a negative on any prospective applicant.  Any degree that ends in "Arts" or "Studies" can be tossed right in the trash can, as you can be sure that the holder of that degree is so soaked in Marxist indoctrination that you couldn't get a decent worker out of them if you tried.  The American University system at this day and age pumps out Marxist drones with no real skills or talents, loaded down with a house-worth of debt, who couldn't be trusted to do the right thing if you paid them a million dollars.

Sure, we need doctors to go to school.  But for every doctor we produce, we churn out thousands of English majors that can't find a job.  For every engineer, there are thousands of people getting a Gender Studies degree.  When the actual, useful degrees being awarded are less than 50% of the population, you're paying too much good money for trash.

On a side note, I can see the online universities overtaking the brick-and-mortar schools.  Unless you're a virtue-signaling elitist or SJW, why pay six figures for a degree you can get for $20,000 or less?

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