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Monday, May 20, 2019

So much for that free press

It'd kind of odd that while I've had access to news channels for the past week, I've heard absolutely zero about this.

Carmody claims he was restrained in handcuffs for nearly six hours as the authorities ransacked his home, seizing “laptops, phones and hard drives — including all the images and documents he had archived from his 29-year career as a reporter and cameraman,” the report adds. 
Law enforcement officials have neither denied nor contradicted the freelancer’s version of events. The San Francisco Police Department has not yet returned Carmody’s equipment. The raid, which was approved by two trial court judges, also included agents from the FBI. 
And all because Carmody refused to give up a confidential source, as is his right. The mayor sees it differently, though, and she is digging in.

If we had a free and independent media in this country, they would probably be raising hell right now.  But since the media in this country is nothing more than the Democrat Party Media Machine, they're not going to say a peep about a journo in deep-blue commie country in their favorite state.

Fuck 'em all.

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