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Sunday, May 19, 2019

Finally went to Wall Drug

Plenty of knick-knacks, but the Mrs. needed a Jackalope.  Many moons ago, a Soldier and I convinced another troop from Chicago that Jackalopes existed, and were running rampant over the Mid-West.  She bought that line for about a month, but eventually figured it out.  After she took a drive-about to a couple of Mid-West states, she brought back a little jackalope bobblehead figurine, and the Mrs. kept that in her car for years.  It eventually broke in one move or another, and she's been without a jackalope for a while.  Well, that's been taken care of.

They also have buffalo burgers.  Which are awesome. 

We expected some touristy schlock, and they certainly have that in spades.  But they have lots of cool stuff here.  If we weren't in the middle of a move, we'd have added some clothing and quite a few books to our stuff.

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