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Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Closer than they know

The Tale of Two Coups, with special emphasis on this paragraph:

It is unclear to me how many of the plotters will end up in the poor house or jail – sadly I suspect most will skate – which means that the distrust of government which fired up the Tea Party and the Trump campaign is not going to dissipate. So far, and so long as some perp walks occur fairly soon, that distrust has not mutated into violence but it could. The wrong person (Comey say) pulling a “don’t you know who I am?” schtick to the wrong crowd could be just the right spark that leads to a broad selection of new lamp post decorations drawn from the senior ranks of the administrative state, congress and the media. I am quite sure that a lot of Trump/Tea Party sorts would not spend a lot of time mourning these lot being shuffled off this mortal coil somewhat prematurely, and that is, in itself, a major cause for alarm. The delporables, the bitter, gun and religion clinging hicks from the sticks, can see how they are being ignored and generally taken for granted (when not being actively insulted) and there’s a limit to how far they can be pushed. I think (fear) we are a lot closer to that limit than most people in Washington DC believe.

I've said this multiple times, and I'll say it again:  The Tea Party was the polite, civil response to the government's abuse of power.  Donald Trump is the impolite, yet still civil response to the government's abuse of power.  If our self-entitled ruling elite continue to refuse to listen, and push this country further into totalitarianism, the next response will be un-civil.

And yes, that point is a lot closer than most people in Washington D.C. could even think of.  If the entire Democrat Party leadership was hung from lamp-posts for their crimes against the Constitution, I would consider it a good start.  I wouldn't shed one tear, and I wouldn't help the authorities figure out who did it, as the "authorities" have proven themselves to be nothing more than DNC goons.

And despite my nom de cyber, I'm actually fairly moderate in how I respond to threats.  Which means there are a whole lot more people writing "PELOSI" and "AOC" on the cases of whatever long-distance rounds they're happy with.


Unknown said...

As a thought project, I wonder how many of the population were agitating, chomping on the bit, in the months leading to the American Revolution. Likewise, I wonder what part of the population were actively telling those others to wait or even to dissuade them.

And I think how history is repeating itself. Of course, the rebellion is a response to the many usurpations, the callous disregard of the law and the People, the imagined 'sovereignty' of them who think they are our betters. With respect to the repetitive history, I stand somewhat amazed that those elitist-minded folks at once must know the history yet act in disregard while possessed of the notion that it would not apply to them. I laugh at them while I hold them in contempt.

The specifics of my advice are left unsaid but are of the general nature to observe and compile your dope. It is foolish to wait upon a body to correct the problem they have created.


Drumwaster said...

I've been saying it for years now... 2025, folks. Buy ammo.

Ragin' Dave said...

I'm really, really hoping I'm living in the country away from a big city by then.