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Sunday, May 05, 2019

New Tires

Got a set of new tires on the Ragin' Car.  The old ones were the ones that came with it when I bought it new, but they had issues.  They kept springing small leaks.  I would have to air one up at least once a month, and it always changed.  They weren't bad, just kinda problematic, and had 25,000 miles on them.  That's not their wear out range, but I figured I'd gotten the good years out of them anyways.  That won't do on a country-wide tour.  I can't have a flat tire in the middle of the MidWest.  So we went to the preferred tire place and got a new set. 

The Mrs. has Michelin Defender tires on her car, which she got at my insistence.  Good tires are key to good performance, since they are the only things connecting the car to the road.  Once she got the good tires on, she was blown away.  Better performance.  Quiet ride.  Shorter stopping distance.  Good handling on wet roads.

So we got a set of the same for my car.  It's a world of difference.  And now I can continue my trip without worrying about what's going to happen in the middle of Ohio or South Dakota.

Good tires.  Buy them.  They are worth it.

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