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Tuesday, May 07, 2019

Oh sweet bags of money, flying away, away, away.....

So the Mrs, who drives our towing vehicle, was dealing with issues that relate to older cars.  Problem is, as we're still in mid-move, we need a towing vehicle. 

So the older Ragin' mobile is traded in, and the Mrs. is now the proud driver of a new-ish Dodge Ram 1500 Bighorn.

We bought it used, which is the only reason I'm not in the hospital recovering from the raping I just took to my budget.  We got a damn good deal on it, and it's far less than a new truck, but it's still a significant outlay of money.  Good grief.  This thing had better last for two decades.

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p2 said...

I'm stunned by how proud Dodge is of their rigs. It's a truck. Nothing more, nothing less. The question needs to be asked... Are you REALLY gonna take a 70 GRAND rig into tge toolies and beat the snot out of it?