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Sunday, October 28, 2018

One of the worst parts about traveling

Is how it screws with your diet.

The Mrs. and I normally eat a very healthy diet.  Not much fast food, nothing fried, lots of fruit and veggies.

Well, most the time when I travel I can't eat like I do back home.  So my diet goes a little sideways.  I still eat as healthy as I can, but when you have ten minutes for lunch you typically don't get to sit down with a salad.  You have to grab and go.

So when I get back, and I start eating my normal foods again, my body goes into purge mode.  I've been releasing more gas than a cow farm around here.  My wife is contemplating having me sleep outside.  The dog is running from his spot on the couch giving me accusing looks, as if to say "Don't blame me for that, you gross bastard!"

Church this morning is going to be fun.  I think I might need a cork.

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