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Saturday, September 22, 2018

It ain't "tactical", you marketing nimrods

Went to Bass Pro yesterday, looking to find some cheap range ammo and maybe a few other odds and ends.  The Mrs. wants her own range bag.  Cool.  We can do this.  I find some steel-cased Winchester ammo for under $10 a box, so I now have a couple of those to see how the gun likes it.  And the Mrs. went bag shopping.

One of the displays was a TACTICAL range bag.  All black, of course.  Lots of pockets.  Spots for this and that.  And it's all TACTICAL, with MOLLE and VELCRO and stuff.  $60.

Down on the other end of that section were some Cabela's mini-duffle bags.  If'n ya don't know, Bass Pro bought Cabelas, so they're one and the same now.  Anyways, mini duffle bags.  They can accommodate a 10" pistol case, several boxes of ammo, a cleaning kit, eyes & ears, and a few odds and ends.  Multiple colors.  $12.  The Mrs. snagged two of them, one for her range bag and one for her luggage set because it's carry-on sized. 

I gave her a little crap about it, just for fun.  "But honey, they aren't (fingers making air quotes) TACTICAL!"

Her:  "Screw that!  I'm not stupid enough to spend $60 for a $12 bag!"

So yeah, now she's got a bag.  All we have to do is buy the pistol to put in it.

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