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Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Just a reminder

Following the post about "education" in California below this one, the publik skool sistim in America is a cesspool of Marxist indoctrination.  The publik skool sistim in America is more concerned about making sure kids feel good than actually educated them, which is  how you get scores of supposedly educated morons and savages waving a diploma.  If you want your children to be educated, don't put them in a publik skool.  The publik skool sistim in America is tainted, corrupted and worthless

Homeschool.  Find a parochial school, or a good Christian school.  Most of all, be involved in your children's schooling.  But do not, under any circumstance, simply send your kid off to school and think that everything is going to be OK.  It won't be.  You'd be better off tossing your child into a pit of feral dogs, because at least then they might learn to defend themselves.  And the person you get back will be stunted, corrupted, and indoctrinated.  I think one big issue of "Millennials" stems from the fact that they've come out of the publik skool sistim, and thus do not know HOW to use their brains.  They've only been told what to think and what to do.  Thus you get snowflakes, cry-bullies, and all the various other liberal stereotypes that the Marxist apparatus churns out.

Gah.  I need more coffee.

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