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Tuesday, December 26, 2017

A mellow Christmas

The Mrs. and I, still having boxes unpacked around the house, and having little to no time for any kind of shopping that isn't house related, went without presents this year.  And quite frankly, it was nice to not have to spend hours shopping.  We sent Christmas cards to friends and family, and that was about the extent of our efforts. 

We went to a Latin Mass in Louisiana on Christmas morning, and then spent the day on the couch doing just about nothing until dinner.  Dinner was bacon-wrapped steaks with asparagus.  Breakfast today was donut french toast with bananas foster instead of syrup.  And bacon.  Of course, there must be bacon.  We're going to do some more shopping for storage containers today, and then finally clean the rest of the boxes out of the car port.  My car has a decent dent in it, from where one of the trees around the house dropped a branch onto the roof.  I was less than pleased.  That tree might just be coming down.

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