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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

As usual, the GOP lied

And now they're trying to find any way they can to save Obamacare.

Alexander said he’ll present details of the package to Republicans this week. Along with the insurance subsidies, the package would give states new flexibility on how their Affordable Care Act markets are run. It will also encourage states to meld their markets together, and let more people buy low-cost, limited-coverage plans.

"But Dave, that's just Lamar Alexander, not the whole GOP!"  Nope, they've lost the benefit of the doubt.  Until the GOP actual does what they promised to do for almost a decade now, every time I see something like this floated like a turd in a pool, I am assuming that it's got the backing of the GOP establishment. 

The GOP, especially the Senate, have proven time and time again that they care more about keeping Obamacare than they do about listening to the people who got them elected into office.  That's why Steve Bannon is out on a rampage right now working to get primary challengers to these noodle-spined statists that infest the GOP.

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