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Saturday, October 21, 2017

This sucks. But.....

As Kurt Schlicter has said, "The Left will not enjoy living by the rules they have established."

Last week, Kato Mele’s 23-year-old daughter said some things on Facebook that many people found appalling. She wrote that the White Rose Coffeehouse in Lynn, which her mother owns and where she worked, would never host a “coffee with a cop” event, klatches designed to build goodwill between police and the community.
It goes on from there.  And it's not nice.  In fact, it's rather horrible.  But it was just as horrible when a Christian baker was hounded out of business and fined hundreds of thousands of dollars.  It was just as horrible when a non-political pizza shop was hounded by Leftist zealots.  It was just as horrible when a Christian florist was hounded out of business BY THE STATE SHE LIVED IN for expressing non-approved Leftist views. 

People are sick of it.  They're lashing out, and this is what happens.  And it can be blamed entirely on the Left.  These are their rules.  We're just playing by them.

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