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Monday, May 29, 2017

The New Rules

Well, I for one hope that the Right remembers to keep playing by them.

We conservatives have been warning for a long time that liberals are not going to like it when everyone plays by the new rules, and – surprise! – they don’t. But guess what? Most of us don’t like the new rules either. Yet it’s ridiculous to expect human beings to remain in perpetual denial about the situation they face, and to forever live under a double standard that results in their faces getting pressed into the dirt.  
The hypocrisy has become intolerable, and we have stopped tolerating it. This is just the beginning of the reaction, and - make no mistake – this entire situation is a bad thing. 

Dude, if you keep doing that you won't like the result.

(liberal does stupid shit, assaults conservative)

Dude, if you keep doing that, you will not like the result!

(liberal does stupid shit, assaults conservative)

Hey asshole, keep it up and you'll be crying!

(liberal laughs, sneers, does stupid shit, assaults conservative)

(Conservative beats that commie fuckstick like a drum, resulting in loud squealing)

This is the new normal.  I have watched the Left act like spoiled, shitty brats for my entire life.  I have watched them devolve from being spoiled, snotty brats to being spoiled, snotty, physically abusive brats.  I don't have one iota of pity for them, because they have been warned time and time and time again that actions have consequences, and they have ignored it and called the people trying to help them every name in the book.  "OH MY GOD YOU GUYTH!  BEN JACOBTH WATH BODYTHLAMMED BY A REPUBLICAN!"  Oh, really?  Cool.  Is he hospitalized?  No?  Too bad, because THAT would have been cool!  Oh, you expect me to give a shit about some Leftist douchenozzle reporter who hates me?  Nah.  I'm not expending any energy on that shitstain befouling America's underpants, except to note - HAAA HAAA HAAA HAAA HAAAAAAAA!

And spineless, gutless pathetic lumps of shit like David Frum can wring their hands and whimper in despair, and snivel about how I should be better than that.  Fuck that noise.  That's the kind of defective thinking that punishes a bullying victim for finally fighting back, but never punishes the bully.  I don't need Frum's approval.  Hell, I don't want Frum's approval.  I want the bully on his knees with a bloody nose, crying that he'll never lay a hand on me again.

Hypocrisy is poison not because it makes people stop knowing right from wrong, but because it makes its victims stop caring about right and wrong. Ben Jacobs got smacked around, and millions of us just don’t give a damn.
It's not just that we don't give a damn.  It's that we know if the shoe were on the other foot, and it was us getting bodyslammed, the Left would cheer, applaud, justify it, and demand more.  So fuck 'em.  Let them bleed.  Maybe they'll learn that way.

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Drumwaster said...

"Just because I don't CARE doesn't mean I don't UNDERSTAND..." -- Homer J. Simpson