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Sunday, May 28, 2017

So that's $2.50 for each image of child pornograpny

That's how much Jacob Schwartz, Democrat from New York and son of NY Democrat bigwig Arthur Schwartz, is going to pay in bail money.  Given that his bail was $7,500, can anyone do the math on how many different images of child pornography he was caught with on his computer?

Some of those images involved babies as young as six months old.

Six.  Months.

And this creep, this pervert, this Democrat walks out of jail on just $7,500 bond?

Oh, and take a gander at Daddy Schwartz's photo - talk about a complete and total creep.  Pedos don't just spring up out of nowhere; I'm willing to bet that Jacob was being touched in the no-no place either by daddy or some of daddy's Democrat friends.  You know, the special ones from Greenwich Village.

So I can feel some pity for Jacob Schwartz, but before that pity is the righteous anger for the abused children that fed Jacob Schwartz's sick perverted addiction.

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