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Monday, March 27, 2017

A damn good question

Why aren't Republican bills on infrastructure, tax reform, and free speech lined up like airplanes on a runway?  Because the GOPe leadership doesn't want reform.  They like things the way they are, which is why they were such a shitshow under Obama's administration.  Mitch McConnell doesn't want Obamacare to go away.  Hell, I'm amazed he stopped Merrick Garland's nomination process, but I think that's because he understood that if he didn't, the GOP would be completely finished before the election.

Nonetheless, the Republican inability to deliver a bill that could get a majority in the GOP-led House is a colossal failure, and pretty much undercuts its entire reason for being. For years the congressional GOP leadership failed to deliver on promises to constituents, and offered the excuse that it couldn’t do anything without control of the White House. Well, they’ve got that, so what’s their excuse now? And where are the bills on infrastructure, on tax reform, on free speech?
The congressional GOP’s failure to deliver on its promises is one of the things that led to the election of President Trump. Now they’re still failing. What comes next?

John Fucking Boehner was the epitome of liberal RINO-hood.  He fought against the conservatives in his own party tooth-and-nail, and managed to give Bathhouse Barry Obumblefuck just about everything he wanted.  Mitch McConnell did the same in the Senate.  And then here comes Paul Ryan, who just a few years before had been Mitten's VP pick, and what's the first thing he does?  He gives Bathhouse Barry Obumblefuck everything he wanted with the CRomnibus bill.

And then they sit around wondering how the hell Trump could have ever won the GOP nomination.

All those Republicans out there shrieking in horror over Trump's budget proposal?  Hey, guess how many budgets they passed under Bathhouse Barry?  ZERO.  Actually, let's make that even simpler.  Guess how many budgets they created and sent to the White House?


Maybe if they had been doing their job in the FIRST FUCKING PLACE instead of licking the sweat off of Bathhouse Barry's taint behind closed doors, having an actual budget proposal handed to them wouldn't have been such a shock.

The House Freedom Caucus shot down RyanCare, or RINOCare, or whatever other epithet you want to call it.  Good.  That means the HFC actually understands why the fuck they were voted in and who the fuck voted for them.  Every other squishy GOPe shitbag who made his fucking paycheck by opposing Obamacare and now can't find the fucking BALLS to actually deep-six the damn thing can take a long walk off a short pier while wearing concrete shoes.

The GOP is proving that as a party, they are incapable of actually keeping the promises that they have repeatedly made over the past eight years.  The House Freedom Caucus forced them to actually hold to the values they claim to have, and they're losing their shit about it.  Ryan needs to be removed as Speaker; Mitch McConnell needs to be removed as Senate Majority Leader.  They are better associated with Bathhouse Barry Obumblefuck than they are with any actual conservative voter.  And Trump had better get his shit in one sock and realize that the House Freedom Caucus are not his employees.  They're not people he can dictate to.  They are the small group who is actually representing their voters instead of the special interest groups that infest Washington D.C. like genital warts, and if he pisses them off he'll be pissing off the people who voted for him once, but won't do so twice.


Deserttrek said...

The Will Of The People is a concept that looks good on paper but gets thrown away upon arrival. The chamber of commerce, international business, and the donors want a world opposite to that of the normal person. They want their walled estates and ivory towers, but they forget Louis XIV, Mari Antoinette, the Czar and more. They have the chaos they want, until it bites them.

Crotalus said...

Put the Democrats back in, and let's finish this country once and for all. I see no more reason to vote ever again.

Ragin' Dave said...

I keep saying it: The Tea Party was the polite and civil response to the statist shitheads. Donald Trump was the impolite and civil response after the Tea Party was shit on by D.C. What comes next will not be civil.