Day by Day

Thursday, March 30, 2017


So, I have allergies.  I know this.  They drove me nuts in LA, with all the pollution.  As I was leaving California, part of my joyous celebrating was the fact that I was leaving behind my allergy hell.

And then Virginia said "Hold my beer...."

I did my PT test yesterday, and I was hacking out lung biscuits the entire run.  I was passing pools of water where the edges were yellow from all the pollen they'd collected.  I got on my bike yesterday, ready to go home, and had to dust off the layer of pollen that had collected on it during the day.

I practically gurgle when I try to talk in the morning.  This is getting ridiculous.  Some people asked why I want to move back to North Idaho when I retire.  Because allergy season is two or three weeks of pine trees blowing pollen in the air, and then it's DONE.

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