Day by Day

Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Dear Russell Wilson: Fuck You

Fuck you, and fuck your political cravings.

I watch sports to get away from politics.  I watch sports because it's a past-time that SHOULD be free of the political bullshit that has come to infest daily life.

I watched a grand total of two football games this year.  That's it.  Both of them involved the Seahawks, whom I still rooted for.  But I'm done.  I really can't stomach this kind of bullshit.

Maybe the Packers haven't completely lost their shit yet.


OC said...

Dave, you watched one more game than I did.
Being from MN it's easy to hate the cheeseheads.

Oh, and Russell Wilson? Fuck you.
With a cactus.

Ragin' Dave said...

I've got gear I can burn. Might just do a vid of it and post it. We'll see how far I want to go.

Deserttrek said...

the nfl is a taxpayer funded politically billionaires welfare club. the security for the stupid bowl is picked up by the taxpayers.

the nfl is pond scum