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Friday, December 30, 2016

Something to think about

With all these folks dying.  I had to do my PHA recently, and of course they took my labs.  My cholesterol was 230 or so.  The doc freaked.

I was relating this to my mom, who spent decades as a Registered Nurse Practitioner.  Think of a nurse with a doctorate.

She told me simply that our grandparents, and her grandparents, died with sky-high cholesterol.  In their 90's.

Maybe we should focus less on how much red meat people are eating, and more on what chemicals they're ingesting, either with their food or recreationally.

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scottW said...

Thank you....Same here.....Dad's was averaging around 260-280 for his last 40 years on this planet. Passed at 92 years old in 15. Mom around 230 for her lifetime, just recently passed at 91..Mine averages around 230 but everything else in my CBC and physical was great. VA Med wanted (almost demanded) that I start a regimen of statins...Politely declined....