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Friday, July 15, 2016

Saw this, had to comment

Japan's population is declining, and getting set to decline even more.  And of course, the story being run by the Marxist rag LA Times, they want to talk about immigration and how we just need to let more people in!


What we need to do is make it less expensive to have kids.

I know lots of folks who would like more kids, but they can't afford it.  Kids cost big bucks these days.  And with the government taking more and more and more of your cash, and throwing it into the vast maw of entitlements that you'll never see, and which certainly have no benefit, people are making the choice to only have one or two kids.

Well, except for the Free Shit Army.  They're popping out kids left and right, because YOU are paying for them, not the women of the FSA.

If you want to encourage people to have kids, start removing the massive economic burdens from them.  Get rid of "free" compulsory education (as if anything in this world is "free") and allow parents to send their kids to whichever school they wish.  Stop crushing people with the Nanny State, which means stop arresting parents for letting their kids walk to the park alone.

Hell, if allowing your kids to walk a couple blocks to the park gets you arrested in Maryland, my parents would have been in lock-up for decades.  I biked to school by myself when I was six.

Government is ultimately the problem here.  You want more of the right people having more babies?  And by that I mean the productive members of society, not the FSA or the wetback senoritas who pop out anchor babies who will never learn English while they get a free ride in California.  Get rid of the government.

Which, not coincidently, might also help get rid of the FSA and the anchor babies.  Huh.  Go figure.

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