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Sunday, July 17, 2016

Cops murdered in Baton Rouge

Congratulations, Obama.  You got exactly what you wanted.

And the FSA, and the Dindu Nuffins, and the various other racists out there happy to see cops killed, you're about to get exactly what you want as well.  Or at least what you THINK you want.

You see, if the cops pull out and let your neighborhoods do what they wish, you'll soon be screeching for the cops to come back in.  It's not the white, legal gun owning NRA members who are shooting up your cities.  Sorry to hurt anyone's feelings, but it's true.  Black men shoot other black men at rates far, far above what any police action accounts for.  And the only thing stopping black men from shooting other black men at higher rates is the police.

And if they leave?  There will be a race war, all right.  But it won't be black against white.  It'll be black on black.

Or in military terminology, Red on Red.  And if the enemy is blowing themselves to shit, who am I to get in the way?  It's not like I'm welcome in South Chicago, or Baltimore, or Detroit, or inner D.C., or East LA/Compton/Watts, or even the Beacon Hill neighborhood of Seattle.  In fact, I'm most unwelcome, because I'm not black.

So since the Black Lies Matter crowd has made it their personal mission to kill cops and chase them out of black neighborhoods, I say we give them what they want.  Give it to them in spades.  And don't ever, ever go back.

I'm that sick of the whole thing.  Leave, let them devour each other.  Don't let them come out, just keep them there and leave them alone.  I have a feeling the problem will take care of itself, eventually.  It just won't be the solution they thought it would be.

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