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Monday, June 27, 2016

I'm willing to bet that you knew this

But I'm even MORE willing to bet that Hollywood knew this, and covered it up because they either approved of it or they were doing the same thing.

Well..well..well. It turns out Michael Jackson was a sick, demented pedophile after all. I bet the people crying in the streets, clamoring for his acquittal feel pretty disgusted right about now. The details are worse than anyone could have imagined. 
On Monday RadorOnline reported on never-before-seen reports from the Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Department detailing what they discovered during a 2003 raid on Wacko Jacko's love nest at Neverland Ranch. The King of Child Porn was hiding seven collections of pornography depicting teenage boys. There were also disturbing images of adult and child nudity, child torture, sadomasochism, and female bondage. Books featuring nude young boys and gay men were showcased in his master bedroom, in the arcade room, and in the master bathroom and were used to "groom" his victims to lower their inhibitions so they could be molested, investigators say.

Michael Jackson was a demented pervert who liked to have sex with little boys.  We all know this.  It was a running gag for years.  People still paid to see his concerts.  Hollywood still protected their boy, just like they defend Roman Polanski, who drugged, raped and sodomized a 14 year old girl.

I don't know just how more blunt I can be - the people who put out filth, crap, and degenerate trash on TV, that you welcome into your home every single day, are the people who defend these perverts and perpetrate even more buggery than you will ever know about.

Do yourself a favor.  Toss out your TV.  Get rid of it.  If you have kids living in your house, then don't wait, do it right now.  Throw it in the trash.  And start buying books, and telling your kids that they can read all they want to, but don't ever put a TV back into your house.  We tossed ours years ago, and our lives have been better for it.

But anyways....  Michael Jackson, demented pedophile pervert.   But you already knew this.

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