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Friday, March 04, 2016

Watch what folks DO, not what they SAY.

Kinda like in basketball.  Back when I was a "yout", I was a pretty decent defender.  Sucked at shooting the ball, but could keep people away from the paint like nobody's business.  Because I never watched the hands, or the eyes of the guy with the ball.  I watched his hips.

They can head fake all day long.  They can wave their hands around like a mime if they wish.  When their hips started to turn, I knew they were moving and what direction, and I kept on them like a tick on a dog.

So what's this about?  How about this:  February's gun sales were enough to arm every police officer and Soldier in the USA.  (They're using "Soldier" as a catch-all phrase, what they're trying to say is "every single military member of every branch)

It is not only possible, but probably, that the total number of gun sales in February exceeded three million. 
According to the Department of Defense, there are 2,083,100 military service personnel, including active duty, Guard, and Reserve units. According the FBI’s most recent (2014) data, there are 627,949 sworn law enforcement officers, for a total of just over 2.7 million military and sworn police personnel in the United States today.

Folks ain't buying these guns because they feel all comfy and safe with the direction this country is headed.  They're buying them because they think that sometime real soon, someone's going to attempt to stop them from buying any more.

Get ammo too, folks.


Anonymous said...

The denial in the Republican party is incredible.

Also -- you are going to fucking loooove the Trump campaign in the general election. We've finally got a Republican who understands that the media is the enemy. That gives him a huge advantage off the bat.

Anonymous said...

I meant to put that comment in the post below but I think you get my point.

p2 said...

learn to reload if ya dont already, learn to cast & stock up on compnents, and id make damn sure you have a sidearm & a long gun that can handle the same cartridge makes carrying that heavy ammo a lot less heavy.. make a few trips to the range and shell scavenge. its amazing how manyonce fited casings are just there for the taking...... a wise man prepares. screw the market, im investing in brass & lead....

Ragin' Dave said...

P2 - and copper. Lots of copper.