Day by Day

Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Went to get some pizza

Found a non-chain place, ordered, and watched the news while we waited on our food to get there.

CNN had Paul Begala, Van Jones, and Uncle Bad-Touch David Axelrod as "commentators".

So, that's one Clinton hack, one Obama hack, and one outright commie who got kicked out of the Obama administration for being too open about his Marxism.

Yeah.  And they wonder why their viewership is dropping.  Actually, they don't wonder at all, they just assume they're too awesome for us peons to appreciate.

Damned Marxist douche-nozzles.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, but how was the pizza?


Ragin' Dave said...

Really good, actually. They made some bread sticks with swiss and fontina cheese with garlic and herbs that were out of this world, and the pizza was just as good if not better.