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Saturday, August 15, 2015

The GOP is screwed

Read this.

And then read this.

Why is Trump still ahead in polls?  Because a huge chunk of former GOP voters are so pissed off at the betrayal of the GOP that they're willing to let things burn down than continue the charade of "representative" government.

We’ll be honest with you Mr. Erikson – Trump could have shot Megyn Kelly in the face on stage and we’d still vote for him. After all… one does not criticize their wrecking ball when it’s going about it’s assigned task. After 2015′s “year of congressional betrayal,” it is patently obvious that this war is no longer about “principles” or “beliefs” – such notions have no proper place when mentioned in the same sentence as “the Republican party.”
The GOP is reaping what it sowed over the past six years.  Or two decades.  Trump is what happens when the GOP alienates so many people that they would prefer to see the destruction of the modern Whig Party rather than suffer through yet another Republicrat.

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