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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

A new new computer

So, I had gotten a new computer a while back.  MacBook Air.  It's a sweet little job, fires up quick, nice and light.  And then the Ragin' Mrs' computer went Tits up.


As we're doing our reviews and figuring out what she wants, she keeps casting gazes at my MacBook Air.

Fine.  Let's go get one.

Since A) we're not rich, and B) I'm military, we go to AAFES and check out what they have.  MacBook Air?  Nope.  MacBook Pro?  Yep.  Price?  It's on sale, and the price is lower than we would be paying for a new MacBook Air OR a plain MacBook.  By a wide margin.

So she gives me those little eyes....

Anyways, I'm now using my MacBook Pro, while the Mrs. has reformatted my two-month-old MacBook Air and has claimed it for herself.

She's happy.  And the one thing that bugged me about the Air was the lack of a CD/DVD drive, and now I have one.  Plus more memory for my various things.

I'm still traveling.  On holiday, as it were.  Sorry for the light posting, but I'm not at a computer very much right now.

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