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Friday, November 14, 2014

This dude just helped land a probe on a COMET

But this feminist only cares about what he's wearing.

Here, let's rephrase that:  This man just helped advance the cause of science by leaps and bounds by doing something that nobody has ever done before, and yet there's a woman who only cares about how his shirt offends her.

But yeah, like, women are SO TOTALLY into like science and stuff!

The tagline for this piece of sniveling drivel is "One small step for man, three steps back for humankind".  Really?  REALLY?  "I don't care if you landed a spacecraft on a comet, your shirt is sexist and ostracizing".  That line was actually written by two people who claim to care about science.

If these two quivering lumps of feminist fumunda cheese gave a damn about science, they wouldn't have even noticed his shirt.  They would have been too focused on the fact that this dude just LANDED A SPACECRAFT ON A COMET, WHICH NOBODY IN THE ENTIRE HISTORY OF SPACEFLIGHT HAS EVER DONE BEFORE.

But no, that's all just pass√© these days.  It's his shirt that catches their attention.  But they care about science and NASA and spaceflight and stuff.  Yeah.  Right.  Sure.  Uh-huh.  Pull the other leg.

This piece is a perfect representation of Feminism in America:  So focused on their own feelings and butthurt-ness that they disregard and throw away actual accomplishments in favor of anti-male groupthink and politically correct gobbledygook.  When I first saw the photo, I saw a guy in a loud Hawaiian shirt.  I didn't see anything else, because I was too busy trying to figure out how the hell they landed a probe on a comet.

But then, I'm not a feminist, so I actually care about science rather than group-think and FEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELINGS.  


Gerry N. said...

These knuckle dragging, drooling, mouth breathing, idiot feminazis......

There, fixed it for ya.

Ragin' Dave said...

Meheh. I wonder if you aren't being too nice to them....