Day by Day

Saturday, October 18, 2014

I'm not the easiest guy to put up with

I've got a temper.  I can be stubborn.  I can fixate on details in a way that would make an Aspie blush.  I can be grumpy.  And of course I've got the whole male scratching/burping/farting thing going on in spades.  I'm the biggest baby when I'm sick.  I'm a picky eater who absolutely refuses to eat peas or broccoli.

So imagine my surprise when I found a woman who not only hung around, but wanted to hang around for the rest of our lives.

Yesterday was our tenth anniversary.  We went out for dinner, then spent the night smoking cigars (her a Kuba Kuba, me a La Gloria) and driving through the canyons and down the PCH.  I'd say I found a keeper.


og said...

G-d bless you both. I hate cooked vegetables but raw fresh peas are like candy. And raw pea farts are epic.

Anonymous said...

Hot damn! Good One. Congrats to the Ragin' Mrs and you.