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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Mollbot beat me to it

One of the various blog posts I wanted to highlight was over at Random Nuclear Strikes, where they quote a lefty dipshit crowing about how Boston's ability to "lock down" the city somehow proves that us gun-toting right wingers could never possibly win any conflict with the Feds.  Mollbot pointed out the thought that was in my head:

And yet two incompetent jihadi wannabes shut down an entire US city for a day. That’s a fairly significant ROI for whatever nebulous organization they may or may not be a part of. They tied down tons of local LE and whatever other agency personnel got called up. And the younger brother wasn’t even FOUND… by a subject… er citizen… whatever… of Massachussetts until the lockdown was lifted.

 The unarmed sheep of Boston were on lockdown over TWO people.  TWO.  Two people who did not plan anything other than their initial attack.  Two people who, after their initial strike, essentially drove around PRACTICALLY WAITING TO BE FOUND, which still didn't happen until after they had ambushed and killed a cop after they robbed a store AND carjacked a guy AND told him that they were "The Bombers".

And the younger brother wasn't found until after the lockdown ENDED!

Holy Batshit, Batman! 

And this stupid fucking Leftist douchenozzle, Steve Marme, thinks that the Boston lockdown somehow proves that the "gun lunatics" have no chance against the almighty power of the state?  It's the complete opposite!  Give me one platoon of troops, with halfway decent training, and I could shut that city down for a month without even trying too hard.  Give me two platoons, and I could own that town.  Who's going to stop me?  The people of Boston?


The whole reason the lockdown was necessary in the first place is because the people of Boston, being unarmed sheep, have NO OTHER OPTION but to hunker down behind closed doors while two relatively untrained morons forced an entire city into trembling, pants-wetting fear.  Do you think anything like this would have happened in Dallas?  Or Oklahoma City?  Or Phoenix?

You know it wouldn't have.  Because those cities have armed citizens, not unarmed sheep.


Gladorn said...

Huh. I hadn't thought about it like that.

Ragin' Dave said...

It's one of the first things I thought of - why the hell are you locking down the best resource that you have? The answer is that unarmed sheep aren't a very good anti-terrorism resource at all.