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Thursday, September 13, 2012

More Obama Failure

Protesters storm the US Embassy in Yemen.

Looks like plenty of targets of opportunity to me.  And it's just another highlight of how badly Obama has fucked up our foreign policy, and how badly he's fucked over our friends while groveling before our enemies.

The weak horse, and all that rot.


Steve B said...

This dude has turned being a victim into an art form. Remember back when people attacking your embassy justified swift and brutal retaliation?

BTW, I'm back blogging again, and have a post up about this whole Victimhood thing. Be interested in your thoughts.

Anonymous said...

Weak Horse indeed. More like a Weak Horse's Ass.

Gerry N.

Ragin' Dave said...

Steve - I tried posting a comment but it wouldn't let me log in. So, my comment back to you is:

I don't think our country has the guts to do what is needed to stop the violence. What we need is a good, old fashioned 1940's ass-whuppin', and we don't even have the guts in this country to whup the ass of the actual wife-beating mouth breather.

Under President Bush, Libya gave up it's weapons program. Under Obama, they stormed our consulate and killed our ambassador. Leadership, or the lack thereof, always shows in the results.

The proper response to the attacks and violence is to carpet bomb the Muslim Brotherhood's compounds, and flatten any building they inhabit. But I don't see that happening any time soon.

Steve B said...

Wierd. It's not set to require a login. Hmmph.

Panty-waists like Obama, stewed and brewed in the Progressive mindset of consensus building and political group think, seem to have a real problem comprehending that there are bad people in the world who understand nothing but the edge of a sword. And that "conciliation" and "dialogue" to these bad people will only ever be perceived as "weakness." And in their culture, being weak means you will be subjugated...or killed.

But that's not "nice." So they ignore it because our spineless leadership is incapable of standing in the gap, and fighting a standup fight.

Crotalus said...

He's stupid, but not as stupid as we think. He's deliberately evil. The disarmament of the American citizen and the destruction of America are his goals.

Crotalus said...

And you won't. Obama is a closet Muslim.

Ragin' Dave said...

Islam is a bully society. They only respect what they perceive as strength, which in real terms means they only respect aggression. In order to be left alone, you must be aggressive right back, otherwise they're going to walk all over you. A bully doesn't stop just because you try to be nice, they only stop when you beat them down and teach them to leave you alone.

So, yeah, we're pretty much screwed with the SCOAMF in office.