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Monday, September 19, 2011

Be a Man!

I've added a section over on the blogroll titled "Be a Man".  There will be more links added to it in due time.  It'll be links that I think men might be interested in, or that they SHOULD be interested in.

I've recently picked up a safety razor, and set the modern cartridge razor aside.  The last time the Ragin' Mrs. and I went to the store to pick up refills for the modern razor we damn near shit kittens at how expensive they are.  My old Gillette Sensor that I got when I was 18 shaved better than all of these modern plastic pieces of junk, but for years I couldn't find the refills for it.  After looking at the prices of every razor refill, and looking at the very inexpensive cost of the razors for a safety razor, I figured I would at least give it a try.  Up front cost for a good safety razor - $40.  Replacement blades?  About 25-50 cents each.  I'll make my money back in a couple of months.

First things first - a safety razor requires that you actually learn how to shave.  Some folks might already know how to actually shave, but I'm willing to bet that most people only know how to slap some chemical glop on their face and scrape it with a cartridge razor.  I already had good shaving soap and a brush, because the chemical glop irritated my skin.  If you don't have a shaving mug, you can get one cheap.  Good soap can be bought without breaking the bank.  I've been shaving with the safety razor for about a week now, and once I got the technique down I get a better shave than I did with the cartridge razors.  It takes a bit more time, so I have to adjust my schedule in the morning.  The real expense is the initial purchase - razor, mug, and brush can cost you anywhere from $60 in total, to upwards of $1,000 if you're buying the primo stuff.  After that, it's just buying soap and razors, which should run you about $10 a month or less.

So anyways - post one on how to be a man:  Learning how to shave again.  There will be more later.

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og said...

I shave with Bic metal razors when I'm on the road. I started shaving with a straight razor, and when I want a good shave, I still use one. They are the best, but be wide awake when you use it.

Beauty supply houses sell straight razors with replaceable blades, and even blade guards to keep you from slitting your throat. They also sell blades for regular razors, bulk, cheap.