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Wednesday, October 27, 2010


So the Mrs. was making our Cranberry BBQ Sauce, and it calls for fresh cranberries, and as she's stirring it she's talking to them.

Ragin' Mrs.:  C'mon little cranberries!  Pop!  Pop and fill the sauce with your cranberry goodness!  Be conservative cranberries!

Ragin' Dave:  Conservative Cranberries?

Ragin' Mrs.:  Yeah, cranberries that know they have to work and put effort into it and be productive.  Not like lazy liberal cranberries!

Ragin' Dave:  I'm so putting this on the blog.

By the way, if the only cranberry sauce you've ever seen came out of a can, go buy a bag of cranberries.  Put it in a saucepot, and cover it with enough water to just cover the berries.  Add in a cup of sugar.  Simmer.  The berries will pop open, and the pectin in the berries will thicken up the sauce.   There you go.  Home made cranberry sauce.  It's really not that hard.

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Anonymous said...

I like fresh cranberry sauce, I also like to take a can of cranberry aspic,chill it, pop both ends of the can off, slide the aspic into a shallow bowl then sit in the shade on a hot afternoon and simply revel in the tart cranberry wonder that is chilled canned cranberry aspic.

Gerry N.