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Monday, October 25, 2010

Dog Bites Man

Seen this yet?

It happened Wednesday night at the beginning of a debate between Democratic incumbent Melissa Bean, GOP challenger Joe Walsh and Green Party candidate Bill Scheurer.  The debate for Illinois 8th congressional district took place at Grayslake Central High School. While League of Women Voters moderator Kathy Tate-Bradish began explaining the rules of the debate an audience member raised his hand and (when called upon) asked if they were going to start with the Pledge of Allegiance. When she said no, the audience booed and almost all in the crowd of more than 300 stood and enthusiastically recited it anyway. Tate-Bradish, who joined in the pledge, issued a scolding when the crowd finished saying they are not allowed to disrespect her.
Illinois League of Women Voters Executive Director Jan Czarnik said what happened at the debate and subsequent criticism directed at moderator Kathy Tate-Bradish was an attempt by supporters of Republican candidate Joe Walsh and tea party members to bully the organization.
So, just to recap - saying the pledge of allegiance?  A GOP plot to bully the Illinois League of Women Voters and "phony patriotism".


Perhaps if you didn't have two "progressive" anti-American hacks running the debate, displays like this wouldn't be necessary.  But until the Left is beaten down and kicked the hell out (or finally make good on their promise to leave that they made when Bush won the 2004 election) the people who actually love this country are going to have to keep reminding them that just because their Marxist Messiah is in the White House doesn't mean that all Americans have bought into the trans-nationalist ideal that their Leninist Leader pushes.  We're proud to be American, because we know just what that entails.

I read crap like this, and I hear the prediction made years ago about another civil war, and suddenly it sounds a bit more plausible.

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Crotalus (Don't Tread on Me) said...

Yup, it's getting closer. That's why we will keep our guns, no matter what edicts the King's men issue.